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What I Like: Redheads

Next up on my list of favorite things in the world?  Redheads.  I know a lot of you may be surprised.  You probably pegged me for a dumb blonde type, right?  Hey, I had my phases.  Blondes came and went.  Brunettes are always there.  But for me, redheads are so gorgeous, and I honestly don’t know why.  Maybe it’s hidden deep inside my Irish genetic makeup.  Perhaps generations of Sick Buck’s have passed on a dominant trait to stop and stare at a beautiful redhead.  I can’t really explain it.  But I swear, every time I spot a redhead, I give her a second or third glance.  Ask my friends.  They know my obsession with them.  If they come into my workplace, someone will give me a holler so I can creep a little bit and get a good look in at her.  Hey, I’m not above it.  The way I look at it, I’m just trying to do some research to figure out why I’m so obsessed.

My mind can comprehend a few simple facts about redheads…

1) Natural redheads will always be sexier than girls that dye their hair red.  If it’s dyed, fine, I’m obviously gonna stare at you still.  But I think a big thing for me with redheads is the rarity of them.  When blondes and brunettes go out and dye their hair red, they want that attention.  I’m not buying it.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of girls look really good as a redhead, but it’s usually a phase.  I’m in it for the longevity.

2) If you’re a redhead, you almost always go up 2 points on a scale of 1-10.  Don’t ask me why, I can’t explain it.  If a blonde walked by me I thought was a 6, turned out to be wearing a wig and walked by me again as a redhead?  BOOM, she’s an 8.  It’s simple math in my mind, but I completely understand if it confuses others.

3)  Redheads AREN’T gingers.  It’s cool nowadays to bash gingers.  But most people use this term as a derogatory blanket for all redheads.  They’re wrong.  Gingers are very pale, and very freckled.  Not all redheads are gingers.  This is important to note, because sometimes gingers turn me off completely.  Not even the red hair can save them.

4)  Redheads are rare.  This is most likely the main reason I’m infatuated with them.  For every 1 redhead you see, you see 100 other blondes and brunettes.  That’s why I’m doing double and triple takes every time one crosses my path.

In closing, I still can’t really explain this fascination.  Maybe that’s why it’s so high on my list of likes.  I guess what it all comes down to is rarity.  Blondes and brunettes are a dime a dozen.  A hot redhead is rare.  Like seeing a unicorn or something.  So when one passes my way, I’m taking in that beauty.  Give me a redheaded Irish girl any day of the week and you won’t hear a peep out of me.  Until then, I’ll be staring and drooling like always.