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Meet Shithead…The Most Interesting Woman in the World

So I think this is an online dating video, but I really don’t care, it has Shithead in it.  She may pronounce it Sha-teead, but this chicks name is Shithead and I love it.  Now, forget about her ghetto name.  Because the best part of this whole scenario is Shithead’s outrageous claims like only being able to count t 6, her brother is Bono, she’s never seen a flower, and she doesn’t believe in gravity.  Clearly, this woman is either retarded or hysterical, maybe both.  But this is the most entertaining dating video I’ve ever seen in my life.  Someone find me Shithead!  We need to be making videos like this for the site.  And if I have to date her, no big deal.  Apparently this Shithead is immune to AIDS and only likes anal.  Count me in.

PS – Highlight of the video for me?  “I’m Shithead and I do a black flip!”