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The Only Thing “Royal” I’ll Mention…Prince Charles Breakdancing in the 80’s

Alright, so I really don’t understand what the big fuss is over this Royal Wedding?  I mean, I don’t think England is even taking this thing as seriously as the American media.  We don’t fucking live there, so why do we care if a prince marries some college slut?  You think England was waking up at the ass crack of dawn to watch Chelsea Clinton get married?  No.  Instead, Americans act like this is a fucking party they should have been invited to but weren’t, yet still plan on partying like they were.  So fuck you Royal Wedding enthusiasts.  Instead of watching the wedding of people I’ve never cared about at all in my life, I’ll watch this breakdancing video on a loop.  Honestly, Prince Charles wrecked that shit.  Just absolutely perfecting made up dance moves on the spot.  Popping, locking, dropping and rocking.  Clearly outdanced these two black youths.  That’s why he should be king.