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What the Hell Was That? Patriots Week 3 Reactions

I knew that our matchup against the Buffalo Bills would be tough.  Fitzpatrick has led that team to some really exciting drives and wins, and going against our secondary seemed like it would be easy for him.  But I knew we had Tom Brady and I knew we would be okay.  Then he throws 4 interceptions and gives the game away off of turnover points.  It was infuriating to watch our defense squander a 21-0 lead.  It was even more frustrating watching Ochocinco running lazy routes and blowing a sure touchdown pass.  This game is a wake up call.  When Brady isn’t perfect like he was in the first two games, we’re going to have a lot of trouble.  Our defense is terrible and doesn’t stand a chance unless Brady is putting 40+ on the board.  4 picks, even though 2 were deflected, is unforgivable.  That isn’t Tom Brady.  You take away one of those and we could have won this game.  Losing by a field goal really let some wind out of our sails, but a rebound game against Oakland could be all we need to get back on track.