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Homeless Woman Shoots at Opossum 11 Times in Parking Lot

TimesUnion –  TROY, Mich. (AP) — Police in suburban Detroit say they arrested a 42-year-old woman who repeatedly shot at an opossum in a shopping center parking lot.  The woman, who is homeless, was found early Tuesday with a gun in her pocket. Police in Troy say they found 11 spent shell casings on the ground and the woman told them she was aiming for the animal.  Police say it didn’t appear that the animal was shot, and the woman had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. No injuries were reported.  She was arrested for reckless discharge of a firearm.

Look, sometimes you just have to let an animal know who’s boss.  And is there an uglier animal out there than a opossum?  These things are fucking filthy.  And I’m sure these little fuckers battle it out with the homeless all over Detroit for food.  So I’m not surprised this shit went down.  What I’m extremely surprised by though is the fact that this homeless woman had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  Maybe in Detroit they think it’s a great idea to let the homeless wander around with glocks and revolvers, but the rest of the world would call that “fucktarded.”  What is this the Wild West?  Not only do people from Detroit have to worry about a terrible economy, poverty and living in a shitty city…now they have to worry about getting killed when shopping because the Bag Lady shot at a opossum.  This bitch must have either been really hungry or this opossum disrespected her and had it coming.  Either way, this is a first for me.  I just keep picturing this opossum dodging 11 bullets, taunting this homeless woman with his trickiness.  Gotta love the internet.