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What I Hate: New York

So you had to see this one coming, and if not, shame on you.  Fresh off the heels of “What I Like…”  I present you with the first “What I Hate…”  So it makes perfect sense that the first installment of this would go to New York.  Look, I’m not gonna sit back and pretend that all of New York is bad.  Because it’s really not.  But the bad parts of it really make me hate the city as a whole.  It’s a beautiful city (as long as you’re in Manhattan) and has culture coming out the ass.  When you have that many people in one place, its bound to have some cool stuff.  But the attitude of 97% of New Yorkers pisses me the hell off.  They’re loud, annoying and feel like the world owes them something.  I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black?  No.  New Yorkers are born into feeling like they are better than everyone else in the world, and if you don’t believe me, try having a conversation with a New Yorker and try not hitting him in the throat.  Even when athletes go to New York, they become different beings altogether.  They feel like that the rest of the world should lie down and not even try to compete with them.  But that’s where Boston comes in.  We’re literally the only city that can stare them right in the eyes and let them know they aren’t that bad.  The best analogy I have for the two cities is that New York is the most popular kid on the block, and Boston is the new kid that moved into town that has something to prove.  And that’s what I love.  We’re hungrier than them.  We fight for what we get, and they just expect it to fall in their laps.  I’ve been to New York city exactly once in my life, and that was enough for 5 lifetimes.  New York…I hate you.