Homeless Man Squat in Ann Curry’s $2.9 Million House

DailyMail –  A $2.9m New York house belonging to Ann Curry has been taken over by squatters.  The Today Show host has been renovating the Upper West Side townhouse since she bought it eight years ago.  But it has been lived in by at least one homeless man for the past year after building work stopped because of a fight with neighbours.  The 54-year-old journalist bought the house on West 71st Street with her husband, Brian Ross, in 2003 and began the renovation works.  But all major construction stopped five years ago after a string of alleged Buildings Department violations and a lawsuit, in which four neighbours sued Curry for $900,000.  The homeless man was removed from the property yesterday at around 9am.  He said he had spent most of last winter in the 3,700-square-foot home, but did not know who the television host was.  ‘I’ve been living there for about a year now,’ he told the New York Post.  ‘I’m not a drug addict, I just don’t have a place to sleep.’  ‘Ann Curry means c**p to me’ he added. ‘The reason I lived there was because they chased me out of Central Park.’  The man said he first got into the property after contractors failed to lock up.

This man has the right idea.  I could care less that this is Ann Curry’s house.  That’s not the story here.  The real story is squatter’s rights.  Don’t know what squatter’s rights are?  Long story short, what this guy did is completely legal.  That’s right, legal.  If there’s no posted signs saying no trespassing, or any sign of breaking and entering, you can live pretty much anywhere you want that’s abandoned.  The only trick is you basically can’t leave because once you do, you have no claim to the property.  This is why I have trouble understanding why more homeless people don’t do this.  Maybe a lot would rather sleep on a bench, or scare girls are a train station.  But if it was me, I’d be squatting in mansions just like this guy.  You just gotta have the balls to do it.  It’s not a move for the squeamish.  People will get mad, yell at you, call you the scum of the Earth, etc.  But when it all comes down to it, you’ll be the one living in a mansion scott-free and they won’t be.

PS – Really Ann Curry?  You’re gonna buy a $3 million home and renovate it for 8 years?  You deserve to have squatters ruin the smell of your home.  I don’t care if there were complaints about construction that made you stop.  If you take that long to renovate a mansion then you should at the very least house some homeless there.  Might do the city some good.  While you’re at it, why not just hire some homeless guys to do the construction on the low and offer to let them stay till it’s done.  I guarantee you the house would be faster than the way she went about this.


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