Look How Weird Jonah Hill Looks

Way to lose all your funny, dude.  I mean, congrats on losing the weight.  That’s awesome, good for you.  But now you look weird.  When you were fat, that had a lot to do with what you were cast as in movies.  Sure, you were funny as fuck in SuperBad, but how funny would it be to see a skinny kid headbutt a hot chick, or get hit by cars?

If that was skinny Jonah Hill I might not even laugh.  I’d be concerned he was injured.  But fat Jonah Hill?  Fucking hilarious!  Something about Jonah Hill being thin is off-putting to me.  Being fat made Jonah Hill who he is, and he’s turning his back on it.  I’m interested to see what kinda roles he gets in movies now.  But I can’t stop looking at him like he was in a freakshow.


About SickBuck

I am the mighty Sick Buck, and this is where you bow before me. I'm 24 and live in South Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a diehard sports fan, like to make fun of things and enjoy the touch of a woman. This is a blog that shows a Bostonian's view on the world.

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