Real Life Kung-Fu Panda

Well that’s the coolest panda I’ve ever seen.  Just wrecking shit and taking names all over the place.  He was practically screaming, “Oh, you want me to amuse you?  Try this on for size!”  Then he proceeded to take a tree down and barrel roll like a motherfucker.  Gasps, laughs, awws.  This fucking panda could put on a show.  He’s a real life Kung-Fu Panda, and he knows it.  Just flipping, climbing and rolling like a champ.  Just taunting everyone with his elegance and poise.  Now if only this bear could teach the Bruins how to win like him, we’ll be all set.


About SickBuck

I am the mighty Sick Buck, and this is where you bow before me. I'm 24 and live in South Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a diehard sports fan, like to make fun of things and enjoy the touch of a woman. This is a blog that shows a Bostonian's view on the world.

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